Monday, March 17, 2014

Is Saying Nazi Like Saying a Bad Word?

So, My friends and I have taken to calling someone a Nazi when they are doing a number of things.

When they are insisting on something

When they are being a jerk

When they are hoarding something

When Someone is taking stuff away from us

Lemme Give some examples:

If Someone has like 1,000 cookies at lunch, and won't share one... They're being a Nazi. If a person has a secret and everybody knows it, but they refuse to say it...They're being a Nazi. If someone doesn't like someone else, and won't hang around with that person, even though all of his friends like him...He's being a Nazi.

Pretty Much if you are being a fiend in any way, then you are being a Nazi. According to our slang. How is started I don't know. But it's here and happening. Soo....

Is it wrong to say someone is a Nazi?
Whether or not it is inappropriate I do not care.What I care about, is am I being offensive. And When I started to think. The only people I could be offending are Nazi's... Or people who are related to Nazi's. And if you are a Nazi, frankly, I do not care if  I offend you. And if you are offended by me saying Nazi because it was a traumatizing event, then you're making a big deal out of nothing. Words Don't hurt, its the meanings behind them. And you are drawing a meaning that doesn't, or at least shouldn't exist. Nazi's are not voldemort.


  1. Nazi can be offensive depending on who you say it too. I can't talk though considering i call people filthy communists all the time.

  2. This is essentially the whole deal with positive and/or negative connotations in words, which usually wouldn't be a bad thing at all, but Nazi is one of those words that we associate with no-no's because they involve a particular race, just like the word you mentioned in your post about cursing. It shouldn't necessarily be bad, but we've more or less accepted it to be.