Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Friends Giving Me Advice to Blog About

So I was on skype with like 6 friends and they started listing things that I should blog about :


How To Cook Rice

Video Games

Fat People

The Cons of Diversity

The Pros of Diversity

The Meaning of Life

Life of a Sailor

Why Global Warming is a Myth

Why Monkeys Should Not Be Used As Test Animals

Why Does North Korea Like Basketball

Why Cats Should Be Kept on Leashes

Why My Doctor is a Nazi

Why Joonha (My Friend) is Never Invited To Parties -Malachi

Why Malachi isn't Cool -Joonha

Why My Friends Mom Works Out So Much

Pig DNA is closer to Human DNA than Monkeys (May or May not be true)

How My Tea Just Spilled on Me -Malachi

How Malachi is a Klutz -Joonha

How Joonha Should Shut Up -Malachi

Yeah... I have some interesting friends....

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