Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh Yeah....My House is Haunted

So... Over my many years living in my house (14) I, and others have noticed some strange things. Things that well... I would consider count as hauntings. Heres a list :D.

My Family refuses to sleep in my room. 
But why? Well. According to My Brother, My Mother, My Cousin, My Aunt, and My Sister, all of which have slept in my room. "The Loud Noises are unbearable". And no, I'm not talking ghostly moans or anything. I'm talking slamming on the walls, footsteps, scratching of the walls, and my door that sounds like it opens and closes when it isn't opening and closing. I have walked upstairs to find that the relative that slept in my room, is sleeping outside my room on the floor in the hallway too many times now. And when I asked what on earth they were doing.. "The noises kept waking me up".

My Dog Barking in The Middle of the Night.
So, on like 10 occasions, my dog has done this creepy thing. It's only happened once to me, but apparently it has happened to my THE TIME. Every once in a while, my dog will wake up, and start barking at the door. And I don't mean like "yip yip" I mean like "IF YOU WALK NEAR ME I WILL BITE YOU A PLACE WHERE YOU DON'T WANNA BE BIT". Then she starts to cower, and runs away from the door, and starts to whine and wimper, and hides. And after a couple minutes, she starts to bark again. Then turns to normal. Also, she refuses to go past the doorway. If you try to she starts FLIPPING OUT, and squirming, and barking, and she bit my brother.

Wait...No ones there....
So there are two different types of this one...Sooo. YAY SUBSECTIONS.
So I am home alone often, which I LOVE. But very often I hear the front door open, and hear people that I don't know come in, and start talking and walking around. I can never make out what they're saying. And I assume they are just some of my brothers dumbass friends that lurk around the house ALL THE TIME. (But that's a different story). But when I go upstairs, no one is there, the door was never open, it's still locked. No one was EVER there.
Two: THE SHOWER. So, there is a shower in my mom's room, that will at random points. Just turn on. OR SO IT SEEMS. As I walk to go upstairs, the noise will stop. AND THE SHOWER. IS BONE.F&$%ING DRY. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING.

My Friend Leaving My House
So around 3rd grade, one of my friends was sleeping over. And he woke up at like 3 in the morning. And insisted on being brought home by his parents. I asked him like, 3 years later. And he says "Idk was stupid. I thought I saw a ghost or something" BOOM. GHOST.

The Tv That Terrifies Me
So, this doesn't happen as much as it used to. But My Tv's used to FREAK OUT. So, I would be sitting there, watching TV. Minding my own business. WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN. The image would turn warped and twisted. And the Volume would shut off. Then it would turn staticky. And the screen would turn into that black and white horror movie screen. AND IF I TURNED THE TV OFF. I KID YOU NOT. IT WOULD TURN ITSELF BACK ON. So I would like, turn it off right, and read or something. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN.. beeeeep....PPSSSSHHHHHHHFFFFFFSSSSSSHHHHH. I LOOK UP AND SEE THE STATIC SCREEN SPAZZING OUT. And I would stand up to turn it off, and it would turn off by itself. And this cycle would keep going. FOR LIKE. AN HOUR. Before the TV came back up.

SO. That's the gist of it. My house is haunted. And I'm kind of used to these things.So they don't scare me much anymore. But...Yeah...Haunted House...TILL NEXT TIME


  1. Ross, either your house has some major problems or you need to see a psychiatrist. But let me offer you a suggestion; try making a salt circle around your house to ward off evil spirits. Haha it's probably just your dad showing his love for you.

    1. Also, invest in some sort of iron... and Demon traps, just in case. Hey, you never know! (And yes, I am waaayyy too into supernatural things... and way too tired to think straight.)

  2. At my old house, I could swear I heard the floor creaking upstairs like someone was walking while I was home alone. It was rhythmic creaking too, perfectly in sync with the way either my mom or dad walked. It was terrifying.

  3. Ross, I'm not sure if the problem is your house, or just your mind. Anyway, great post!

  4. I don't think this is supposed to happen.