Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Game That Molded... FINAL PART

SO I'm going to write this assuming you read and remember all of the previous posts because I am too lazy to recap. So if you get lost of confused....Meh.

So you remember the master plan right? Where they have Lulu enter an auction after earning all this money in order to buy Gabbiar for Munch to hatch the eggs? So... we're going to jump to that part.

So, Abe has Lulu under his mind control spell, and Lulu is heading towards the auction. hundreds of Big Shots flood in, all hoping to get at the last can of Gabbiar on the planet. Munch and Abe sit in the rafters as Abe performs his spell. Munch gazes down, shaking with excitement about bringing Gabbits back into existence.

The bidding begins and Numbers start flying "500 DOLLARS" "1,000 DOLLARS" "5,00O DOLLARS" "1,500 DOLLARS" Abe struggles to control Lulu, he's had to control him for a few hours now and is running out of energy. Lulu breaks free of the spell and starts to question him being at this auction. He starts to leave the building as the bidding continues. Munch yells at Abe who is sprawled out gasping for breath. Abe trys and fails to regain control of Lulu...He is just. too. tired. Munch keeps giving (definitely not positive) encouragement. And Abe gathers the last of his energy and takes control of Lulu for just one more second. "3 MILLION DOLLARS" Yells Lulu. No one tries to compete with that bid. They're not willing to throw away their fortunes.

Lulu cry's as he wins the Gabbiar, his newly gained fortune down the drain.

(The Game doesn't show what happens but you can pretty much assume Abe and Munch steal the Gabbiar somehow)

Abe and Munch sit outside the auctioning building, saying their goodbyes. And they both repopulated, and lived happily ever after.



Remember how Munch and the Fuzzles had an agreement that they'd help eachother escape the Vykker Lab? Where the Fuzzles were being used as test subjects. Well, Saving the Fuzzles is optional. And takes SUCH A LONG TIME. So a lot of people don't do it. And by leaving the Fuzzles in the Lab to be...essentially tortured. You get... THE BAD GUY ENDING.

This ending picks up where the other one ended off. Except Abe and Munch have managed to find themselves near the Vykker lab. Abe and Munch are talking, when all of a sudden. And army of Fuzzles emerge. Except, they're not normal Fuzzles.

Some have their hair mising, some don't have teeth, others have needles jabbed into their eyes, multiple syringes stabbed into them, their skin has been burnt, or tainted to be a different color. Some have different types of mangled blades sticking out of them. They look terrible.

They speak "Nice of you to come back for us..."
Munch "I was trying to help out Abe"
Fuzzles "They did things to us...."
*More ,mangled Fuzzles emerge*
"Bad Things"
*Even more messed up Fuzzles appear*
"Really Bad Things"
Munch" Im sorry, I just got distracted"
Fuzzles "Wrong Answer...What comes around...Goes around"

The fuzzles pounce and start  biting and shredding Abe and Munch, which leads you to think they'd just be eaten. But the scene changes to reveal the inside of the Vykker Lab.

Abes head is hung on the wall like a moose, with the word "Loser" written on the Plaque. And as the camera Pans it reveals munch to be strapped into a surgery chair with a poster on "How To Remove Gabbit Lungs" next to him. The Vykker is on the phone talking to the person he is going to sell the lungs to, which are apparently worth a fortune. He hangs up and turns to look at Munch.

"Welcome Back.."
And he whips out a saw, a meat cleaver, and many other horrid cutting tools. and approaches Munch, laughing manically.  The Camera focus's in on that little thing that's always next to near death patients. That has a bumpy line and it beeps. You know what I'm talking about.
The camera focuses in on it. And the beeping starts to slow. BeepBeepBeepBeepBeeeep Beeeeeeeep   Beeeeep   Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. And it flatines.

The next scene shows Munches head on the wall next to Abes, both with the Caption "Loser"


  1. So they succeed, and then both die. Well that sucks for them, they should have helped out the fuzzles. And that is a pretty violent ending.

  2. The second ending seems some what more realistic, besides the fact that the games story line is fantasy. :P

  3. You know, I was reading this and thinking wow, that's a nice ending to your series of posts, and then suddenly everything started to escalate quickly. Real quickly.I feel like the developers might have put some abstract, insightful message in the game by making the ending the way it was.