Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Game That Molded Me: Part 2

We left off with Abe and the Mudokons escaping the mine. And them being determined to free the rest of their race. But we are going to start the story of the other main character today.

There was a race called Gabbits, that were hunted until near extinction. They  lived in water  and were amazing swimmers, but are able to walk on land. But have to hobble about on their one big flipper. And the only remaining Gabbit alive, is our second protagonist. Munch.

We first meet Munch getting operated on (more like tortured) by a Vykker. Vykker was inserting a device into munches head that would allow him to seek out animal traps that they've lost. So they were inserting an ugly sonar looking thing. And they don't show you the operation.

But they thing they do show, is show that awkward shadow thing that shows how brutal the motions are, and make a bunch of icky noises.But the Vykkers wife runs in, complaining about a broken pipe or something. And the Vykker runs out. (there's a lot of swearing going on)

Munch wakes up, with a monster headache, and he's feeling drowsy. And he realizes that he is able to conduct an electrical charge, using the device in his head. And he uses it to operate the machine that has him chained down. And he escapes. (it's fantasy, shut up)

As he roams around the building he is in, he finds a bunch of little fuzzy animals called Fuzzies, that are being used as test subjects. Munch uses his electrical current to free them from their cages. And they decide to escape together. But as he is letting them out, the Vykker walks back in and runs to catch Munch and the Fuzzles. Munch panics and runs. But he turns to see the Fuzzles become vicious. And jump on the Vykker and start ripping him to shreds. The Tearing of the Vykker.

The Fuzzles agree to protect Munch, if he operates the doors and such, so that they can escape together. And they do, after one of the most BORING. MISSIONS. EVER. But the story is still epic.

And it gets much much worse. Till next time.


  1. Lol. So fantasy. Much funny.

    1. Make one more doge reference and i swear...

  2. Ross could you try telling more of the story in one post, I'm not sure if I can wait till the end, because I have a feeling this could last forever.