Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Game That Molded Me. Part 3

The Master Plan
I am going to try to prevent this story from dragging on. So, I am going to try to condense like half the game into this one paragraph, and then return to the juicy stuff.

So after Abe went to save all his brethren, he realized that there were a lot less of them than he wanted. Very few in fact. And after a few more boring missions to find out why that was. He found out that the Glukkons ( The People keeping them as slaves ) had been keeping and storing all of the Mudokon eggs. So that new ones were not born. And all of the eggs were being kept in a huge factory that you need to be able to operate machinery and swim to get through. (Ahem...Munch) Abe also learned that he had the ability to control the minds of rather "slow" individuals. 
Munch found out, during this time, that there was still a can of Gabbiar (instead of caviar...cus its made of gabbits? Get it?) out there. And it was going to go up for auction for all the big shots in about a month. (In this world, the eggs in Gabbiar aren't cooked yet. Shut's fantasy). So he needed help. And Abe needed help, and they somehow managed to bump into each other. And they discussed what was going on. And they decided to help each other out. And they developed...
The Master Plan
Although Munch and Abe didn't like each other, they realized that they needed each other in order to save their races. So here was the plan. There was an extremely poor,lazy, and dumb, Glukkon called Lulu. Who was so desperate, that he actually started his own charity, for himself, called "The Lulu Fund". Which nobody donates to, because they all know who he is. And hate him. So here was the plan. Abe and Munch were going to travel the lands, and break into the richest of richest mansions, and then Abe would mind control them, and get them to donate all of their money to Lulu, until Lulu became the richest person in the world. Once that happened, they would let Lulu live the high life for a little, while they went to steal Abe's races eggs. (Remember he needed munch to operate the machinery, and Munch wouldn't agree to do it, until they got at least part of his end done first). After they pretty much saved Abes race, it was back to helping Munch. Abe would mind control Lulu and send him to the auctioning of the Gabbiar. And Lulu, being the richest man in the world, would easily be able to win the auction. And Munch would get the eggs, and Abe would have his eggs, and they would both live happily ever after.

Is that what happens?....Find out tomorrow :P

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  1. Nice cliff hanger Ross, can't wait to find out if there master plan succeeds. Also, why does it ask me to type in stuff to make sure I'm human? It is so annoying.