Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Game That Molded Me into Who I am Today

So, I feel like we all have certain things that molded us from our childhood. Weekends at grandpas, summer camp, etc. Well...mine was video games. There were two that literally consumed my life for like, 7 years. But one of them would be rather boring to talk about. So we're only going to talk about one.
ODDWORLD (Munches Odyssey) 
Yes, I am serious. That was the name. And the world was rather...odd. The protagonist, a interesting form of humanoid named Abe. Abe and his entire race ( Mudokons ) were being used as slaves by another race ( Glukkon ). And they are being forced to work in these horrible underground mines. They labor day and night with little to no rest, or food. To make matters worse all of their mouths are sewn shut at birth, so that they can only open enough to eat soup-like foods. This almost completely obliterated their ability to speak as well. However, as they age the stitches loosen and they are able to talk, but still have squeaky crackly voices because of the restraint.

As I said, the Mudokons received very little food. AS a result, they died... A LOT. Like hundreds per day died in these mines. Undernourishment, exhaustion etc. And the Mudokons heard of a new drink that the Glukkons were selling and making BANK off of. And were uninterested. Until they started to be offered an endless supply of this drink. Like ENDLESS. And they Mudokons, perpetually dehydrated. Gobbled it up, but not Abe. He was suspicious. Why would the Glukkons offer the drink to them? They never cared about their well being before. After a week or so of the Mudokons gobbling down this drink. Abe took a stand, and told all his fellow Mudokons. Who called him some words not school appropriate( it was a M rated game...). They were finally not being starved, and Abe wanted them to deny the sustenance? No.

Abe started complaining that the drink was probably super unhealthy, at which they scoffed him. "More unhealthy than no drinks at all?!" But they turned the cans over to read the ingredients. Water, sugar,...Mudokon remains. 
They were being fed their brothers, friends, parents, sisters, uncles, children. They were disgusted. And were so outraged that they revolted. And took over the mine, and escaped.

This was just one of the hundreds of mines, factorys, plantations, etc. And the Mudokons were dedicated to saving the rest of their race. 

WELP, I'm running out of time. So I'm going to end this blog here. BUT. I AM NOT DONE. This story gets a whole lot more in depth and a whole lot more screwed up. So, until next time.


  1. Most gamers have that one game that changed their entire life. For me it happened to be Bioshock Infinite.

  2. Wait wait wait. Lemme get this straight. So the people were consuming their friends and families?? And this somehow changed your life????? Ross..... I fear for you child.

  3. Ross that was a very good start, can't wait till 5:05 when I read part 2. You actually narrate the game in a way that makes a non-video gamer interested.