Saturday, March 22, 2014

What One Of My Closest Friends Taught Me

One of my closest friends was always happy. Like, nothing that ever happened bothered him. He was always okay. And after knowing him for a long time. He looked at the funny side of everything. 

He laughed at everything. Like. Everything. He failed a test..laughed at it. His Phone broke...Laughed. He burnt his dinner...Laughed. HE ALWAYS FOUND A WAY TO LAUGH AT....EVERYTHING. And I kind of envied him. He was always happy...somehow.

And although I can't say I am anywhere near as good as he is at it. In fact, sometimes I struggle to do it. But some of it did rub off on me. And thanks to him, I have achieved a whole new outlook on life. And I try to use it as much as possible. The funny thing about it is. The bad part about it... is that you cannot take anything seriously. The good part don't take anything seriously.

When someone is different, don't think they're weird. Get to know them. You'll never know what you may learn

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  1. Being happy constantly like your friend is not only admirable, it's difficult. I imagine he does feel other feelings besides happiness, though, which is just as important than the happiness itself, imo.