Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why I Have Trouble Connecting With People

I feel like in order to connect need to first make a connection.


And why? Because I AM WEIRD. And whenever I say that people are like "Yeah but everyone's a little weird"

WELL...YEAH. But I feel like everyone finds people that are on their same frequency of weirdness. Where they are really similar. But still weird. And then they make A CONNECTION.

But I feel like I am on this other frequency of weird. That like 1% of the population is on.

I've had two people who I consider myself to have made a close connection with.

ONE: I don't wanna give names. So I'm going to call him one. LEMME EXPLAIN THIS. One and I met, and got into a fight within 30 minutes. And I don't mean like a "NO YOU'RE STUPID" Fight. Fists were thrown. (second day of school btw) A day after the fight, we were talking and laughing. And became really close friends... We kind of wandered around the school doing nothing. And getting in trouble. We were sent to the principals office all the time, and it was AWESOME. Ever thought one of us had, the other had. We haven't talked much since I came to high tech.

TWO: Lemme tell you a story. I was sitting in class, and we are watching a video about the holocaust. And I knew NOBODY in the class. And during this video. I hear someone whispering in my ear from behind. "Anne....Frank..." I just kind of sat there. "Anne Frank....can smell you..." I couldn't help but snicker. And thus I met the person I've made the greatest connection with in my entire life. I swear to god we were two of the same person. And we became great friends. But this kid was WEIRD. He was one of the funniest kids I've ever met. But he was WEIRD. And so was I. And when  we hung out, I felt at home.

And I have not made what I call a "Connection" with anyone other than those two people. And I feel like everyone else has made like... dozens. I once told my friend that I feel like I never really connect with anyone because they're too...normal. And he was like "Oh yeah dude I feel that all the time"

ANOTHER THING. He was the most selfish person I have ever met. And I have always considered myself pretty giving, or whatever the word is. But I realized. I only do that because I feel like I should. Me and One, and Me and Two. Never Gave anything to eachother. We never shared, we'd steal stuff like food or pencils from eachother. We would also try to get each other to get screwed in any way possible. Get each other stuck in awkward social situations, tried to get each other in trouble, etc.And we were still insanely close. It just worked.

Our relationship was one where we were both asses to each other. Like, if anyone were to see what we were doing, it would be deemed bullying. Yet they were the only two people I would deem "Best Friends"


  1. 90%+1%...what happened to the other 9%?
    Hm. I know you have lots of friends, so it was surprising to find that you "connect" with hardly anyone. Although I suppose that being social doesn't always mean that you're close with everyone. I hope you're eventually able to connect with somebody at High Tech.

  2. I don't connect with people either. I have a very specific frequency that only some people connect with. It also doesn't help that when i actually get to know someone it changes.

  3. .... Is my frequency of weirdness too much for you Ross? (u__u) gomen nasai.