Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why I Don't Feel Uncomfortable Cursing

I don't like offending people.
I don't like hurting people's feelings.
Unless I have very little respect for you as a person.
The thing is, most curses don't actually offend people!
The N word, is off limits, because it is a word deeply rooted in hate.
It is a word that was decently recently used to put people down and express hatred towards them.
For this reason I view this word as horrid and will never use it (to the best of my ability).

Most curse words however, I feel are okay to use. They can be used to harm, but don't have that deep of a meeting.

I will NEVER use cursing to insult someone. Not really because I don't want to offend. But I have to much pride to lower myself down to that level. When I am insulting people, I try to be clever, and not resort to filler words. I think people that can only insult with curses are idiots. And I refuse to be one of them.

So all in all, I don't mind cursing as long as I am not offending anyone or hurting their feelings by using them.
Also if you are offended just because I am using a curse word than I honestly don't care and will use them anyone.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


So....I started Jiu jitsu today. And I want to tell you this super long super awesome story, but sadly I cannot. And here's why.

I woke up today thinking I would be going to my first Jiu Jitsu class from 7-8. So I'm like
 "Okay..I'll just do Hw after Jiu Jitsu"
At around 6:35 my mom walks in "Oh btw, the class is an hour and a half'll be there till 8:30"
UGHHHHHHHHH that cuts into my Hw time.

So it's 7 and I arrive at the dojo or whatever you call it for Jiu Jitsu, as I said... it was my first class.

THERE GOES HW TIME. After I shower and eat and stuff it's gon be late.

So I go to class. And not only are these guys like...professionals that have been doing it for years. They are all High school grads. So like....yay....

So I was essentially a rag doll being tossed around and choked for an hour and a half.

That being said i loved the class and intend to attend regularly (that sounded cool.)

And it is now 10 o'clock and I finally get to start Hw. Starting with this faaaabuuuulous blog.
Only one more blog to go!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Serious Blogging

I realized that I have been blogging about nothing but serious stuff. This is like.... weird. I am no where near a serious person.

I for some reason just can't think of things to blog, and when I get to a serious topic, my mind just kind of flows. I am able to get into the zone. Ugh...WWHAT DO I BLOG ABOUT. IDKDIDIDIDDKDIKDIDK,

This is so frustrating. I want to write a non-serious blog and switch it up.


I love Irish accents. No matter what they say they sound peppy are cheerful.

Spanish accents are really cool, it causes them to talk fast and pronounce words in a way that makes whatever they're saying sound interesting.

Chinese accents are same as the spanish (they sound different but have the same perks).

I think the main reason that I love accents are because they take something that I know so well and present it in a way that is correct, but different. And I find that fascinating.
And this took a turn for the serious

Monday, March 24, 2014


So I'll be the first to jump up and say I hate my family. They are annoying. They go out of their way to bother me. they constantly call me out. They are just frustrating.

But when it comes down to it. My family is my family. And I love them.

If I am ever down, I know that all of them will be there. And that they will always care, and give me the best advice. They are my family. And nothing comes between family.

Also, it always bothers me when they judge me, or stuff like that. "Sit up straight". "Don't wear that". "Don't talk from your throat". "Don't hold your fork like that". etc.
And it always annoys the crap out of me. But I know that they are just trying to make me a better person so that I can have a better life.

Everything my family ever does is to help me.. and I kind of choke up thinking about how awesome it is that I have this group of amazing people at my back. Always trying to make my life better. Even if they annoy the shit outta me.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blogging Whilst Troubled

Normally I'm in a good mood when I blog. Lemme rephrase that. Normally I'm in a good mood. But today I'm just....not.

I had a super eventful weekend. And it wasn't like....good eventful. It was all very stressful and saddening. It is also nothing I plan to post on the internet. Or just talk to people about in general. But at the same time, it is all I can think about. I can't really just stray from this for 10 minutes or so to write a blog post about something cool and exciting.

So I am facing a problem. I don't want to talk about my problems. But at the same time... I can only think of my problems. UGH BLOGGING. So I'm only going to semi-bitch about my life. Instead of crying about my troubles. I'm going to talk about how annoying it is blogging whilst troubled.

Did I mention that it sucked? I also have to finish my R+J essay. Which I am going to do after this blog. "Blah blah. You procrastinated." whatever, I had stuff to do.


And on that note, I must be going. Ta-ta

Saturday, March 22, 2014

What One Of My Closest Friends Taught Me

One of my closest friends was always happy. Like, nothing that ever happened bothered him. He was always okay. And after knowing him for a long time. He looked at the funny side of everything. 

He laughed at everything. Like. Everything. He failed a test..laughed at it. His Phone broke...Laughed. He burnt his dinner...Laughed. HE ALWAYS FOUND A WAY TO LAUGH AT....EVERYTHING. And I kind of envied him. He was always happy...somehow.

And although I can't say I am anywhere near as good as he is at it. In fact, sometimes I struggle to do it. But some of it did rub off on me. And thanks to him, I have achieved a whole new outlook on life. And I try to use it as much as possible. The funny thing about it is. The bad part about it... is that you cannot take anything seriously. The good part don't take anything seriously.

When someone is different, don't think they're weird. Get to know them. You'll never know what you may learn

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh Yeah....My House is Haunted

So... Over my many years living in my house (14) I, and others have noticed some strange things. Things that well... I would consider count as hauntings. Heres a list :D.

My Family refuses to sleep in my room. 
But why? Well. According to My Brother, My Mother, My Cousin, My Aunt, and My Sister, all of which have slept in my room. "The Loud Noises are unbearable". And no, I'm not talking ghostly moans or anything. I'm talking slamming on the walls, footsteps, scratching of the walls, and my door that sounds like it opens and closes when it isn't opening and closing. I have walked upstairs to find that the relative that slept in my room, is sleeping outside my room on the floor in the hallway too many times now. And when I asked what on earth they were doing.. "The noises kept waking me up".

My Dog Barking in The Middle of the Night.
So, on like 10 occasions, my dog has done this creepy thing. It's only happened once to me, but apparently it has happened to my THE TIME. Every once in a while, my dog will wake up, and start barking at the door. And I don't mean like "yip yip" I mean like "IF YOU WALK NEAR ME I WILL BITE YOU A PLACE WHERE YOU DON'T WANNA BE BIT". Then she starts to cower, and runs away from the door, and starts to whine and wimper, and hides. And after a couple minutes, she starts to bark again. Then turns to normal. Also, she refuses to go past the doorway. If you try to she starts FLIPPING OUT, and squirming, and barking, and she bit my brother.

Wait...No ones there....
So there are two different types of this one...Sooo. YAY SUBSECTIONS.
So I am home alone often, which I LOVE. But very often I hear the front door open, and hear people that I don't know come in, and start talking and walking around. I can never make out what they're saying. And I assume they are just some of my brothers dumbass friends that lurk around the house ALL THE TIME. (But that's a different story). But when I go upstairs, no one is there, the door was never open, it's still locked. No one was EVER there.
Two: THE SHOWER. So, there is a shower in my mom's room, that will at random points. Just turn on. OR SO IT SEEMS. As I walk to go upstairs, the noise will stop. AND THE SHOWER. IS BONE.F&$%ING DRY. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING.

My Friend Leaving My House
So around 3rd grade, one of my friends was sleeping over. And he woke up at like 3 in the morning. And insisted on being brought home by his parents. I asked him like, 3 years later. And he says "Idk was stupid. I thought I saw a ghost or something" BOOM. GHOST.

The Tv That Terrifies Me
So, this doesn't happen as much as it used to. But My Tv's used to FREAK OUT. So, I would be sitting there, watching TV. Minding my own business. WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN. The image would turn warped and twisted. And the Volume would shut off. Then it would turn staticky. And the screen would turn into that black and white horror movie screen. AND IF I TURNED THE TV OFF. I KID YOU NOT. IT WOULD TURN ITSELF BACK ON. So I would like, turn it off right, and read or something. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN.. beeeeep....PPSSSSHHHHHHHFFFFFFSSSSSSHHHHH. I LOOK UP AND SEE THE STATIC SCREEN SPAZZING OUT. And I would stand up to turn it off, and it would turn off by itself. And this cycle would keep going. FOR LIKE. AN HOUR. Before the TV came back up.

SO. That's the gist of it. My house is haunted. And I'm kind of used to these things.So they don't scare me much anymore. But...Yeah...Haunted House...TILL NEXT TIME

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why I Have Trouble Connecting With People

I feel like in order to connect need to first make a connection.


And why? Because I AM WEIRD. And whenever I say that people are like "Yeah but everyone's a little weird"

WELL...YEAH. But I feel like everyone finds people that are on their same frequency of weirdness. Where they are really similar. But still weird. And then they make A CONNECTION.

But I feel like I am on this other frequency of weird. That like 1% of the population is on.

I've had two people who I consider myself to have made a close connection with.

ONE: I don't wanna give names. So I'm going to call him one. LEMME EXPLAIN THIS. One and I met, and got into a fight within 30 minutes. And I don't mean like a "NO YOU'RE STUPID" Fight. Fists were thrown. (second day of school btw) A day after the fight, we were talking and laughing. And became really close friends... We kind of wandered around the school doing nothing. And getting in trouble. We were sent to the principals office all the time, and it was AWESOME. Ever thought one of us had, the other had. We haven't talked much since I came to high tech.

TWO: Lemme tell you a story. I was sitting in class, and we are watching a video about the holocaust. And I knew NOBODY in the class. And during this video. I hear someone whispering in my ear from behind. "Anne....Frank..." I just kind of sat there. "Anne Frank....can smell you..." I couldn't help but snicker. And thus I met the person I've made the greatest connection with in my entire life. I swear to god we were two of the same person. And we became great friends. But this kid was WEIRD. He was one of the funniest kids I've ever met. But he was WEIRD. And so was I. And when  we hung out, I felt at home.

And I have not made what I call a "Connection" with anyone other than those two people. And I feel like everyone else has made like... dozens. I once told my friend that I feel like I never really connect with anyone because they're too...normal. And he was like "Oh yeah dude I feel that all the time"

ANOTHER THING. He was the most selfish person I have ever met. And I have always considered myself pretty giving, or whatever the word is. But I realized. I only do that because I feel like I should. Me and One, and Me and Two. Never Gave anything to eachother. We never shared, we'd steal stuff like food or pencils from eachother. We would also try to get each other to get screwed in any way possible. Get each other stuck in awkward social situations, tried to get each other in trouble, etc.And we were still insanely close. It just worked.

Our relationship was one where we were both asses to each other. Like, if anyone were to see what we were doing, it would be deemed bullying. Yet they were the only two people I would deem "Best Friends"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So, here's the gist of things. I life in a decently large neighborhood. And like, 95% of the people that live here are Jewish. And people always assume I'm Jewish when they see me in the neighborhood, and it can get kind of annoying.

The Jewish people, however, ALL KNOW WHO I AM. I swear to god, they hate me. I walk down the street and wave hello, and they scoff. And do many other things to show how they detest me.

On Christmas a few years ago, I was eagerly waiting for Santa. And looking out my window. At around 12-1 in the morning, I see some movement. OHMYGAWDITSSANTA. It wasn't Santa. It was 3 jewish teenagers (like 16 or 17). Being hooligans and dancing around. THEN I FOUND OUT THEIR REAL MISSION.


But.... I don't only see ONE SIDE OF THE STORY. I'm sure a lot of the Jewish people don't dislike me. And if they did, they would have the decency not to scoff at me. And its not like all the Jewish were in on the plan to pee on my lawn. I see (or at least try to) both sides of the story.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Is Saying Nazi Like Saying a Bad Word?

So, My friends and I have taken to calling someone a Nazi when they are doing a number of things.

When they are insisting on something

When they are being a jerk

When they are hoarding something

When Someone is taking stuff away from us

Lemme Give some examples:

If Someone has like 1,000 cookies at lunch, and won't share one... They're being a Nazi. If a person has a secret and everybody knows it, but they refuse to say it...They're being a Nazi. If someone doesn't like someone else, and won't hang around with that person, even though all of his friends like him...He's being a Nazi.

Pretty Much if you are being a fiend in any way, then you are being a Nazi. According to our slang. How is started I don't know. But it's here and happening. Soo....

Is it wrong to say someone is a Nazi?
Whether or not it is inappropriate I do not care.What I care about, is am I being offensive. And When I started to think. The only people I could be offending are Nazi's... Or people who are related to Nazi's. And if you are a Nazi, frankly, I do not care if  I offend you. And if you are offended by me saying Nazi because it was a traumatizing event, then you're making a big deal out of nothing. Words Don't hurt, its the meanings behind them. And you are drawing a meaning that doesn't, or at least shouldn't exist. Nazi's are not voldemort.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Game That Molded... FINAL PART

SO I'm going to write this assuming you read and remember all of the previous posts because I am too lazy to recap. So if you get lost of confused....Meh.

So you remember the master plan right? Where they have Lulu enter an auction after earning all this money in order to buy Gabbiar for Munch to hatch the eggs? So... we're going to jump to that part.

So, Abe has Lulu under his mind control spell, and Lulu is heading towards the auction. hundreds of Big Shots flood in, all hoping to get at the last can of Gabbiar on the planet. Munch and Abe sit in the rafters as Abe performs his spell. Munch gazes down, shaking with excitement about bringing Gabbits back into existence.

The bidding begins and Numbers start flying "500 DOLLARS" "1,000 DOLLARS" "5,00O DOLLARS" "1,500 DOLLARS" Abe struggles to control Lulu, he's had to control him for a few hours now and is running out of energy. Lulu breaks free of the spell and starts to question him being at this auction. He starts to leave the building as the bidding continues. Munch yells at Abe who is sprawled out gasping for breath. Abe trys and fails to regain control of Lulu...He is just. too. tired. Munch keeps giving (definitely not positive) encouragement. And Abe gathers the last of his energy and takes control of Lulu for just one more second. "3 MILLION DOLLARS" Yells Lulu. No one tries to compete with that bid. They're not willing to throw away their fortunes.

Lulu cry's as he wins the Gabbiar, his newly gained fortune down the drain.

(The Game doesn't show what happens but you can pretty much assume Abe and Munch steal the Gabbiar somehow)

Abe and Munch sit outside the auctioning building, saying their goodbyes. And they both repopulated, and lived happily ever after.



Remember how Munch and the Fuzzles had an agreement that they'd help eachother escape the Vykker Lab? Where the Fuzzles were being used as test subjects. Well, Saving the Fuzzles is optional. And takes SUCH A LONG TIME. So a lot of people don't do it. And by leaving the Fuzzles in the Lab to be...essentially tortured. You get... THE BAD GUY ENDING.

This ending picks up where the other one ended off. Except Abe and Munch have managed to find themselves near the Vykker lab. Abe and Munch are talking, when all of a sudden. And army of Fuzzles emerge. Except, they're not normal Fuzzles.

Some have their hair mising, some don't have teeth, others have needles jabbed into their eyes, multiple syringes stabbed into them, their skin has been burnt, or tainted to be a different color. Some have different types of mangled blades sticking out of them. They look terrible.

They speak "Nice of you to come back for us..."
Munch "I was trying to help out Abe"
Fuzzles "They did things to us...."
*More ,mangled Fuzzles emerge*
"Bad Things"
*Even more messed up Fuzzles appear*
"Really Bad Things"
Munch" Im sorry, I just got distracted"
Fuzzles "Wrong Answer...What comes around...Goes around"

The fuzzles pounce and start  biting and shredding Abe and Munch, which leads you to think they'd just be eaten. But the scene changes to reveal the inside of the Vykker Lab.

Abes head is hung on the wall like a moose, with the word "Loser" written on the Plaque. And as the camera Pans it reveals munch to be strapped into a surgery chair with a poster on "How To Remove Gabbit Lungs" next to him. The Vykker is on the phone talking to the person he is going to sell the lungs to, which are apparently worth a fortune. He hangs up and turns to look at Munch.

"Welcome Back.."
And he whips out a saw, a meat cleaver, and many other horrid cutting tools. and approaches Munch, laughing manically.  The Camera focus's in on that little thing that's always next to near death patients. That has a bumpy line and it beeps. You know what I'm talking about.
The camera focuses in on it. And the beeping starts to slow. BeepBeepBeepBeepBeeeep Beeeeeeeep   Beeeeep   Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. And it flatines.

The next scene shows Munches head on the wall next to Abes, both with the Caption "Loser"

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Game That Molded Me. Part 3

The Master Plan
I am going to try to prevent this story from dragging on. So, I am going to try to condense like half the game into this one paragraph, and then return to the juicy stuff.

So after Abe went to save all his brethren, he realized that there were a lot less of them than he wanted. Very few in fact. And after a few more boring missions to find out why that was. He found out that the Glukkons ( The People keeping them as slaves ) had been keeping and storing all of the Mudokon eggs. So that new ones were not born. And all of the eggs were being kept in a huge factory that you need to be able to operate machinery and swim to get through. (Ahem...Munch) Abe also learned that he had the ability to control the minds of rather "slow" individuals. 
Munch found out, during this time, that there was still a can of Gabbiar (instead of caviar...cus its made of gabbits? Get it?) out there. And it was going to go up for auction for all the big shots in about a month. (In this world, the eggs in Gabbiar aren't cooked yet. Shut's fantasy). So he needed help. And Abe needed help, and they somehow managed to bump into each other. And they discussed what was going on. And they decided to help each other out. And they developed...
The Master Plan
Although Munch and Abe didn't like each other, they realized that they needed each other in order to save their races. So here was the plan. There was an extremely poor,lazy, and dumb, Glukkon called Lulu. Who was so desperate, that he actually started his own charity, for himself, called "The Lulu Fund". Which nobody donates to, because they all know who he is. And hate him. So here was the plan. Abe and Munch were going to travel the lands, and break into the richest of richest mansions, and then Abe would mind control them, and get them to donate all of their money to Lulu, until Lulu became the richest person in the world. Once that happened, they would let Lulu live the high life for a little, while they went to steal Abe's races eggs. (Remember he needed munch to operate the machinery, and Munch wouldn't agree to do it, until they got at least part of his end done first). After they pretty much saved Abes race, it was back to helping Munch. Abe would mind control Lulu and send him to the auctioning of the Gabbiar. And Lulu, being the richest man in the world, would easily be able to win the auction. And Munch would get the eggs, and Abe would have his eggs, and they would both live happily ever after.

Is that what happens?....Find out tomorrow :P

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Game That Molded Me: Part 2

We left off with Abe and the Mudokons escaping the mine. And them being determined to free the rest of their race. But we are going to start the story of the other main character today.

There was a race called Gabbits, that were hunted until near extinction. They  lived in water  and were amazing swimmers, but are able to walk on land. But have to hobble about on their one big flipper. And the only remaining Gabbit alive, is our second protagonist. Munch.

We first meet Munch getting operated on (more like tortured) by a Vykker. Vykker was inserting a device into munches head that would allow him to seek out animal traps that they've lost. So they were inserting an ugly sonar looking thing. And they don't show you the operation.

But they thing they do show, is show that awkward shadow thing that shows how brutal the motions are, and make a bunch of icky noises.But the Vykkers wife runs in, complaining about a broken pipe or something. And the Vykker runs out. (there's a lot of swearing going on)

Munch wakes up, with a monster headache, and he's feeling drowsy. And he realizes that he is able to conduct an electrical charge, using the device in his head. And he uses it to operate the machine that has him chained down. And he escapes. (it's fantasy, shut up)

As he roams around the building he is in, he finds a bunch of little fuzzy animals called Fuzzies, that are being used as test subjects. Munch uses his electrical current to free them from their cages. And they decide to escape together. But as he is letting them out, the Vykker walks back in and runs to catch Munch and the Fuzzles. Munch panics and runs. But he turns to see the Fuzzles become vicious. And jump on the Vykker and start ripping him to shreds. The Tearing of the Vykker.

The Fuzzles agree to protect Munch, if he operates the doors and such, so that they can escape together. And they do, after one of the most BORING. MISSIONS. EVER. But the story is still epic.

And it gets much much worse. Till next time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Game That Molded Me into Who I am Today

So, I feel like we all have certain things that molded us from our childhood. Weekends at grandpas, summer camp, etc. Well...mine was video games. There were two that literally consumed my life for like, 7 years. But one of them would be rather boring to talk about. So we're only going to talk about one.
ODDWORLD (Munches Odyssey) 
Yes, I am serious. That was the name. And the world was rather...odd. The protagonist, a interesting form of humanoid named Abe. Abe and his entire race ( Mudokons ) were being used as slaves by another race ( Glukkon ). And they are being forced to work in these horrible underground mines. They labor day and night with little to no rest, or food. To make matters worse all of their mouths are sewn shut at birth, so that they can only open enough to eat soup-like foods. This almost completely obliterated their ability to speak as well. However, as they age the stitches loosen and they are able to talk, but still have squeaky crackly voices because of the restraint.

As I said, the Mudokons received very little food. AS a result, they died... A LOT. Like hundreds per day died in these mines. Undernourishment, exhaustion etc. And the Mudokons heard of a new drink that the Glukkons were selling and making BANK off of. And were uninterested. Until they started to be offered an endless supply of this drink. Like ENDLESS. And they Mudokons, perpetually dehydrated. Gobbled it up, but not Abe. He was suspicious. Why would the Glukkons offer the drink to them? They never cared about their well being before. After a week or so of the Mudokons gobbling down this drink. Abe took a stand, and told all his fellow Mudokons. Who called him some words not school appropriate( it was a M rated game...). They were finally not being starved, and Abe wanted them to deny the sustenance? No.

Abe started complaining that the drink was probably super unhealthy, at which they scoffed him. "More unhealthy than no drinks at all?!" But they turned the cans over to read the ingredients. Water, sugar,...Mudokon remains. 
They were being fed their brothers, friends, parents, sisters, uncles, children. They were disgusted. And were so outraged that they revolted. And took over the mine, and escaped.

This was just one of the hundreds of mines, factorys, plantations, etc. And the Mudokons were dedicated to saving the rest of their race. 

WELP, I'm running out of time. So I'm going to end this blog here. BUT. I AM NOT DONE. This story gets a whole lot more in depth and a whole lot more screwed up. So, until next time.

Monday, March 10, 2014


HEY! Wanna hear a crazy french song? This song at first weird-ed me out, but after my friend sang it all day and got it stuck in my head. I got addicted. So here you go.
Me and other friends discussed what we thought the video/song meant.
And OBVIOUSLY mine was right.

Here we go:

I believe that this song is about a little boy, who's dad is very distant. The dad spends most of his time working and doesn't pay much attention to his poor son.
 And all his life the son wishes for his dad's attention. He has no one to be a role model, he doesn't have a guide in life. And his dad is leaving his son without an identity.
But then the boy starts to try to follow in his dads footsteps, realizes that he doesn't like them. And that what his dad is like, he doesn't want to be like.
Yet, at the end, he ends up being just like his dad.

Then again I could be completely wrong, and my opinion changed almost every time I watch it...sooo....

Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Friends Giving Me Advice to Blog About

So I was on skype with like 6 friends and they started listing things that I should blog about :


How To Cook Rice

Video Games

Fat People

The Cons of Diversity

The Pros of Diversity

The Meaning of Life

Life of a Sailor

Why Global Warming is a Myth

Why Monkeys Should Not Be Used As Test Animals

Why Does North Korea Like Basketball

Why Cats Should Be Kept on Leashes

Why My Doctor is a Nazi

Why Joonha (My Friend) is Never Invited To Parties -Malachi

Why Malachi isn't Cool -Joonha

Why My Friends Mom Works Out So Much

Pig DNA is closer to Human DNA than Monkeys (May or May not be true)

How My Tea Just Spilled on Me -Malachi

How Malachi is a Klutz -Joonha

How Joonha Should Shut Up -Malachi

Yeah... I have some interesting friends....

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Washington Trip

 The Hell, That Was The Washington Trip
For those of you that did not have this trip in eighth grade. It was essentially an "educational" trip where we go to Washington on these fancy bus's and look at historical stuff ( Goof off ). Now this wonderful trip started with the bus ride. At like 7 in the morning, they cram like 140 something kids onto two bus's. And thankfully I got to sit next to my friend. Well, I thought it was a good thing. 

The thing is... My friend is insane, all of them are. Like my energy, randomness, and total insanity times like 10. That's what I love about them. But I was trapped next to that for like, 3 hours. 

But wait... It doesn't take 3 hours to get to Washington DC?
WELL IT DID. We made so many stops, and hit so many lights. It was awful. To make matters worse, the air conditioning broke. And it was like 90 degrees out. So it was like 70 loud, sweaty, and excited eighth graders cramped together. It was awful.

The Pitt Stop:
First of all. I have no idea where we stopped. But it was some bootleg pit stop that had nothing good. Like none of the good brands. I swear to god. We walk in and I see 3 things right off the bat. "McChickens" "Coffee Stars" and, this is the worst "Convenience Stor" AND THAT WAS NOT A TYPO. "Stor". 
The food was crap. And me and my insane friends are walking around. Because we're not going to eat that stuff. And we find a little stand. "Coco lovers". And we assume its like chocolate with an on purpose typo. NO. IT WAS A COCONUT STAND. IT HAD. COCONUTS. AND COCONUT JUICE. And it had no business. LIKE NONE. and I soon found out why. I decided to make one of the worst mistakes of my life. I bought some coconut juice. And I like coconut juice. THAT.WAS.NOT.COCONUT JUICE. I thought I was poisoned. Imagine power-aid, milk, and orange soda mixed together, with thousands of coconut fur flakes sprinkled in.

To be continued.....

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Being Nervous in Social Situations

So Here's The Thing

So here's the thing. Everyone get's nervous in social situations. And most people know that, but what they don't really think about what that means. They think, 'yeah I'm always nervous in social situations, and so are my friends'. But not a lot of people really grasp. EVERYONE is nervous, including THE PEOPLE THAT YOU'RE TALKING TO. You know when you can't think of what to say. And you're afraid that they'll judge you for what you say.  Or what you're wearing. They're not. They're thinking exactly what you're thinking. No matter who you are. Or who they are. Lets say you're kind of a nerd. And you're talking to this huge jock. You're most likely thinking "Oh what if he thinks I'm weird or a geek or blah blah". WELL. SHOCKER. He doesn't think he's perfect. He's sitting there "What if i say something stupid, what if he talks about Zelda and I don't know which game is which". We are ALL teenagers and we are ALL super self conscious. NO ONE is sure of themselves. 

Dealing with nerves:
Now some people might say "Just be sure of yourself!" HA no. Here's the cheater way. Realize that say you're with a group of people. And none of them know eachother. They are ALL JUDGING THEMSELVES. The only thing that they are judging from you, is your body language,and how confident you seem. I cannot stress this enough. YOU CAN BE THE SCRAWNIEST, WEIRDEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. And as long as you stand tall and take up space, and talk loud. THEY THINK YOU'RE THE COOLEST KID IN THE WORLD. And you know what they are? Jealous. Jealous that you're confident in yourself. They're not even listening to you. They're busy judging themselves. And the people that already seem like they own the place, already realize this. As long as you realize that no one really cares about you, they only care about themselves, and your body language, and talking loud and proud. 

The Correct Body Language:
To put it simply. You know how people say you scare off a bear by looking big? Yeah. Do that. To be a little more complex. Don't slouch. Keep your back straight. Head high. Look people in the eyes ( But thats hard! Remember, they're not judging you. They don't even think about how you're flawed. They're only thinking of you.) Try to spread your legs when you sit (if you're a guy) It's a way of taking up space, which makes you seem confident and powerful. Don't spread it till you look like you awkwardly flopped on the chair. Just a little spread. It also helps you to not look rigid, which you may seem since you're standing so properly postured. You're arms should be at your sides or spread out or at your sides. No in your lap or anywhere in front of your torso. If i were to look at you from behind, I should be able to see your arms. Wham! People will see this and no matter what you look like, are saying, or anything, will think you're cool.
Talking Like You're A Boss:
If You've ever spoken to me, I'm loud, almost obnoxiously (LOL almost...) And I use my arms to speak? And all that good stuff. Do THAT and there are two options. People Will either think you're a total ass. Or be jealous of your confidence. HOWEVER. Don't talk like that all the time, because after about 15 minutes of it (your first impression) it starts to get annoying and on EVERYONES nerves. Like I do!

Just remember, What you think when you meet new people, is exactly what other people think about themselves, including the people you're meeting. They aren't judging you. They're judging themselves too. So why be nervous? 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


In order to Properly Read My Blog You Must Listen To This.

this blog is going to be epic. Why? Because I like epic, and it's my blog.

The way I see  it there's two kinds of  people. Both of which are equal, but very different. There are EPIC PEOPLE  and there are Quiet People. .The Music you SHOULD BE listening too, should completely change the tone of what you're reading. Maybe you're reading swiftly, and imagining my voice differentally than you would if you read without music. This tone that you're reading this article in. That is the Amazing part of it, music changes everything. Say we were to have music playing in the backround of school. How would it effect thing. And the different types of music matter. Here watch. 

The Not So Epic, But Still Awesome

So, I lied a little, not all of the blog is going to be epic. Mostly Because I changed my mind about halfway throughout the blog. But that's alright. But with this new song in the backround, this is suddenly a more mellow part of the blog. Life is good, and the sun is shining. But in reality, I am typing in the same exact tone of voice. Music changes so much. It isn't Background noise. It's your mood and outlook on life. And I just wanted you all to experience this awesome shift in pace. Hope it was as cool to read as it was to write!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Be The Best That You Can Be"

"Be The Best That You Can Be"
Now I personally love this quote. But I feel that a very VERY large amount of people take this too much to heart. They think that they need to be the best at EVERYthing. They need to be the best musician, athlete, have to be social, have to be valedictorian. WHY. I just don't get it. The way I interpret this quote, is to live the best life you can. And honestly, I feel that the people that have to be the best at everything....don't even have a life. 

You should try to be the best that you can be at things you like! But if you hate them, either don't do them, or don't put your heart and soul into them.
Lemme give you an example.

SPORTS: Say you love baseball, and the only thing you're passionate about is baseball. And you love it so much you even love baseball practices. Then YEAH practice all the time, spend time doing it. Get better. Because you ENJOY it. It makes you HAPPY.

But say you don't like baseball, and you only play because you've been playing since a wee lad. 
Then why...why waste your time and energy trying to be good at it? Will you enjoy it any more once you're good at it? No. You'll still hate it just as much. But you will have invested so much time and energy into it that you can't just quit. It. Just. Sucks.

Now a lot of people probably agree up to this point. This is where it gets....erm.. controversial?

And what even is a good job? A job that pays a lot of $$$? What ever happened to money doesn't buy happiness. And I know what a lot of people are thinking, "Well, what if someone is passionate about being a garbage man, then what? Should he just be a garbage man for his whole life and life in a crummy house?" YEAH. WHY NOT?! If that makes you happy. DO IT. 

WHAT IS THE POINT in being a doctor, if you hate it? You work RIDICULOUS hours doing something that you DON'T LIKE. Think about how RIDICULOUS that sounds. You spend the first twenty something years of your life preparing to be something THAT YOU DON'T ENJOY BEING. For what? So you can get money for a nice house that you're barely in because you work ridiculous hours? 

It's for your children. So they can have a good childhood and grow up in a "good neighborhood" with lots of money BECAUSE APPARENTLY MONEY BUYS HAPPINESS NOW. And then once they hit 13-14 they stop doing what they like and start preparing to do something they don't want to do just like YOU. WHAT.IS.THE.POINT.

I think that, and this may come as a shocker, life was meant to be ENJOYED. So, why do humans spend 60% of their lives doing things they don't enjoy. AND OMG I ASKED MY MOM THIS. And her answer drove me off THE FRIGGING WALL "Well That's just life" IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT. WORK IS NOT LIFE. LIFE IS LIFE. 

My dad, did not get a good education. He could care less about school. What he enjoyed was music. He loved it. He played over 11 instruments PERFECTLY, might i add. And so what did he do? Did he abandon music to become a doctor? Or a Lawyer? NO. He joined a band. MET MY MOM AT A CONCERT. Settled down in a ACTUAL GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD.( Was it Good because everyone had a lot of money and nice houses? NO. It was good because all of the neighbors were friendly and nice and they had a big neighborhood dinner every weekend. )
He became a (crappy paying) music teacher, and I have yet to meet a man who was happier than my dad. AND DO I HAVE A BAD LIFE BECAUSE HE FOLLOWED HIS DREAMS??? NO. MY LIFE IS FRIGGIN AWESOME.

I just realized I forgot to make the point behind that entire section. What has society been trying to do for the past THOUSAND years? MAKE.LIFE.EASIER. HAS IT WORKED? HELL NAW. Lets compare ourselves to the Native Americans. Who spent more time working? Us.  Who spent more time with their families? Them.
Who understood relaxation and fun more? Them.

I think about what I'm doing with my life every morning. I waste all my time doing nothing productive with my life, playing video games and socializing. And I smile at the fact that I am doing much more with my life then people who are perfect at EVERYTHING. 
....Enjoying it.

You see how I ugh... Made it come ...full circle?... Yeah this blog was all over the place. But guess what I ENJOYED WRITING IT.